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of the "Aryan paragraph" Is unworthy of a
Christian, although it is now demanded of
Christians in Germany. Racialist anti-Semitism
inevitably leads to anti-Christianity, as we see in
Germany to-day. That Germano-Aryan Chris-
tianity now being promoted is a denial of the
Gospels and of Christ Himself. The ancient re-
ligious conflict between Christianity and Judaism,
a real conflict by the way, has taken such a turn
in our difficult and uncertain times, that mili-
tant anti-Judaism turns out to be anti-Christianity,
Truly Christian anti-Judaism is directed, not
against the Bible or the Old Testament, but
against the Talmudic-rabbinic Judaism which
developed after the Jews' refusal to accept Christ.
But when religious anti-Judaism becomes racial-
ist anti-Semitism, it inevitably turns into anti-
Christianity, for the human origins of Christianity
are Hebrew. It is proper for orthodox Jews
to be racialists: they may be at enmity with
" Aryan " Christians. But it is impossible, it is
forbidden, for a true Christian to be a racialist
and to hate the Jews. This is one of the
advantages of Christianity.

From the Christian or the purely humane
viewpoint, the race theory is much worse than
the class theory. It carries dehumanization much
deeper than the idea of class. According to the
Marxist theory a man of the moribund bourgeois